The Finantix CIO Cockpit

Translate your House View into Client Portfolios


The CIO Cockpit allows Chief Investment Officers to distribute market updates and investment ideas to clients faster, leveraging digital communication and collaboration channels. It caters for three key Investment Office functions - House View driven asset allocation, criteria-based instrument selection, and content authoring. By bringing these together, our CIO Cockpit helps Chief Investment Officers rapidly author and publish investment commentaries and research relevant to their client base.


Our CIO APIs digitalise the workflows from Strategic Asset Allocations to House View and Tactical Asset Allocations, to mass-rebalancing of Model Portfolios. They allow wealth managers to deliver House View changes to client portfolios with unprecedented speed. Developed together with Chief Investment Officers, industry analysts and experts, the CIO Cockpit allows wealth managers to:

  • Publish and implement House View changes with unprecedented speed

  • Communicate views and convictions with timely commentaries and content

  • Combine top-down market timing alpha with bottom-up product selection alpha

  • Define, manage and mass re-balance model portfolios

  • Offer bespoke discretionary mandates, at scale

  • Personalise and distribute recommendations and content relevant to individual Relationship Managers and their clients

Clients benefit from the ability to distribute updates and investment ideas faster and digitally. And the option to automatically personalise and distribute recommendations and content relevant to each RM and associated client.

CIO Cockpit – the dashboard you need to navigate today’s volatile market


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Picture 1

Management of Strategic Asset Allocations and Benchmarks: Constituents, Weights, Bandwiths


Two House View Engines to translate market views into portfolio construction: Entropy Pooling and Black-Litterman

Picture 3

Absolute and relative return views, qualitative and quantitative views, ranking signals, views on returns, volatilities and correlations

Picture 6

FX views and implemention with FX Forwards and Swaps


Picture 7

Portfolio optimizer for Tactical Asset Allocations including various preferences and restrictions

Picture 8

Portfolio optimiser for Model Portfolios including mass-rebalancing based on SAA or House View Changes


Picture 9

Portfolio analytics including risk and performance on SAA, TAA and Model Portoflio level