Digital Collaboration Hub

Enhance remote Client collaboration with secure, omni-device multi-media interaction


A dedicated Client collaboration channel for financial institutions to share contextualised and actionable market analysis, investment ideas and key documentation rapidly and securely.


  • Client centric communication: Enable rich auditable and secure collaboration through one-on-one or group chat with your Client about a specific idea or recommendation, inviting client team members to virtually join your discussion

  • Digital concierge service: Interact meaningfully through private lounges dedicated to key topics: research & house view, advisory & trading ideas, wealth & portfolio analysis and onboarding & documentation
  • One-stop communication cockpit: Monitor Client collaboration through an intuitive cockpit, unifying mail, chat, audio, video call communications and workflow monitoring in one easy-to-use dashboard

  • Rich media and content library: Efficiently maintain, manage and share multi-language, multi-media research and news in a form which is ready for subscription and aligned to client preferences and constraints 
  • Auditable, compliant and secure: Securely and remotely share personalised insight and ready-actionable content and documents for clients to complete, review and approve while enforcing regulatory compliance. All interactions are auditable and logged
  • Rapid and flexible: Activate the Digital Collaboration Hub in weeks, running on private cloud or on-premise


We help all actors directly and  indirectly involved in daily key client-oriented processes to contribute and collaborate in a  fully audited and productive way, including Relationship Managers, Product Specialists, Underwriters and Advisors.



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Enabling investment decisions in the ‘New Norm’  

In times of extreme macro-economic instability and uncertainty, the quality of Client service counts more than ever. Relevance. Immediacy. Simplicity. All are of critical importance to effectively address significant swings in portfolio value, drawing historical parallels to quickly and accurately simulate the outcomes of potential investment recommendations, and to act upon them. The ability for financial institutions to provide tailored advice face-to-face is not only not scaleable, it is no longer possible.

So, how do you ensure your level of Client servicing and your overall client experience stands above that of your competition? 

A scaleable solution with a personal touch

Finantix offers financial Institutions the chance to put the Client at the center – inviting their Clients and Client teams to collaborate in private virtual digital lounges around key topics in a secure and auditable manner. Clients can make informed decisions based on an enriched dialogue with their advisor, product specialist, wealth planner, insurance agent, onboarding specialist and execute ideas immediately. By combining of the best of digital technology into key users journeys which are intuitive, actionable and easy to understand, Clients will have a consistent, auditable and rich client experience.

Clients have the option to self-serve, accessing documentation and research relevant to their personal situation and portfolio, activate subscriptions and receive specific notifications across devices. Relationship Managers can collaborate remotely with their Clients via email, secure chat, video or screen-sharing, allowing them to engage their Clients in an ongoing dialogue, at scale. Clients are empowered with personalised insight at their fingertips, drilling down should they want further insight and having the ability to follow-up with ease. 

With the establishment of a dedicated, easy to setup, configurable and secure Client collaboration channel, Financial Institutions can rapidly share relevant market intelligence, research, analysis, recommendations, Client specific documents. Finantix offers this as SaaS, with rapid, secure implementation and customisation so that financial institutions can quickly reach a large number of Clients with a very relevant and personal level of service to gain and then retain a competitive edge.